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Project management software is a necessary tool for any business. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, good project management software will help you manage all aspects of your projects more effectively.

Get customer support software that's perfect for your business

Bric CRM software is perfect for small businesses that need customer support.
The software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage customer relationships.

Privacy Software

Privacy Bric CRM Software is a software that allows users to manage their privacy settings. With this software, users can control who can view their data, as well as how long the data will be stored.

Online Payments

Use Timeline to plan projects right the time.
how the pieces fit together.

Save money and time

Use Timeline to plan projects right the time.
how the pieces fit together.

BricCRM is the absolute best CRM for your business.

Encourage the best leads, boost customer satisfaction, drive revenue to closure, and nurture current customers with a comprehensive, smart option.

Intuitive CRM Software

Briccrm has a simple and user-friendly interface that simplifies the need to wander through applications to get work done.

Dependable Open Source Software

You're also able to take advantage of free, 24×5 phone, chat, and email messages, even if you have a free account or a paying subscription.

Your Base For Classic, Agile
Project Management

If you’re looking for a good foundation to build your own classic or agile project management method, check out Briccrm. This popular software provides a well-rounded platform that’s perfect for managing projects of all sizes. It has all the features you need to track tasks, deadlines, and progress, and its user interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Protect Your Data And Privacy

You can tap into our privacy management services in a variety of ways. For instance, you can create a Account if you'd prefer to manage emails and photos through Briccrm.

Free And Open Source Software

We can be freely shared and modified by its users. FOSS allows for more flexibility and customization than proprietary software, and it has been shown to be more reliable.

10-Minutes Setup

In today’s world, most people are constantly on the go. Between work, school, and family obligations, it can be hard to find the time to get your personal life organized. However, with a little bit of effort, you can have everything in order in just 10 minutes! Here are steps


Signup And Create
An Account

By signing up, you’ll get notified of important site updates, be able to easily join to work on projects with your team, and get access to all the resources you need to build a successful brand.

Setup Your Software

Configuration management (CRM) tools make this process simpler by consolidating configuration information into a single source



Start Your Projects

Start Your Projects Maintain is a program that helps busy people manage their time and projects. he program also offers tips and advice on how to improve productivity.



Happy Customers

The 9.8k Happy Clients is a growing, successful business that has been in operation for over 8 years.



Happy Customers

Briccrm is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, as well as quality workmanship.

Trusted By 12,000 Customers Using Our Software!

We offer top-quality CRM-based software that is easy to use and reliable. We also offer 24/7 support so you can always be sure you are in good hands.

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Our Software Features

Discover the excellent Briccrm CRM feature set that will
encourage you to build your business.

Ladder up your business and start for free.

You don't need the complicated, expensive, and clunky end customer relationship management software systems that are never used. Claims to action are free of charge, and you do not require a credit card, contract, or extensive training. Just sign up now and start free of charge.

View everything about a lead, all in one place.

Cordially go beyond names and job titles. Plenty of interactions are saved in a simple timeline, including calls, emails, in-person meetings, and notes. You will need to find nothing in a stack of messy emails or spreadsheets to find out where you left off.

Log the sales transactions automatically.

Briccrm features allow you to track both online and offline interactions with customers by linking to either your Gmail or Outlook email account, and putting CRM Sales in place. Calls are converted to notes within Briccrm, allowing you to view them later.

Fully control your pipeline with visibility at every level.

Face your sales funnel with a clear, visual view. You can easily see deals won or lost, one-to-many scheduled, contracts sent over, or performance against targets on a single report. Sort deals by name, capacity, amount, or stage with filters for actionable intel in a fraction of the time.

Let's take a look at how Briccrm streamlines your day-to-day life.

By storing all the contacts in one unified profile, you can gain access to all their information in one place, such as auto-enhanced social networks, a summary of all recent activities, and other pertinent info and details.

Self-learning AI correspondent, Freddy, utilizes acquired historical data to arrange scenarios and provide top-line rating perspectives, next-best action suggestions, and forward-looking DNA replications.

Set up automated messages to send pertinent emails in sequence and follow up with the customer based on their response.

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